Spanish Baldric 14th Century


I was commissioned to do a Spanish Baldric early on in my weaving career. Based off of a painting in the ceiling of The Hall of Kings in the Palace of Lions, Grenada. arthistoria

We chose the center figure and I wove the diamond motif, leaving spaces for what looks like metallic disks to be added later. He wanted his device used and so I created a pattern for a scorpion. At the time I chose to use a double faced method, having never heard of brocade. Upon further research I believe it may have been a brocade method used. There are many examples of brocade cited in both Collingwood, Techniques in Tablet Weaving, and  Spies, Ecclesiastical Pomp & Aristocratic Circumstance. I did not find a single citation for 3/1 twill or double face for this time frame and location. I worked up several different scorpions and diamonds before being satisfied with the final product.






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