Latvian Hlad

I was asked to create a Hlad with Latvian motif. No further details such as time or specific place was given. I used a draft on page 238 from the book.  “Latviešu Jostas” (in English “Latvian Sashes, Belts and Bands”) by Aleksandra Dzērvītis and Lilija Treimanis, published in 1982.  I haven’t gotten my hands on this book yet, and merely went off a picture of the page found at Lappone Blogspot. lat

Taking motif from 3 different sections of the band on the left page, I made what I thought was a very aesthetically pleasing hlad with a central point to it. Because I didn’t have a chance to see the book and I was on a tight deadline for Royalty, I’m not sure what this motif was originally on (belt, trim, etc) or what time frame it may be from.

I used Vintage 1940’s 24 carat gold wrapped on brown thread found on Etsy here. It is described as #2 sized. But I had no measure of comparison to figure out how big this was. I would have gone with a slightly bigger size if I had. I felt that because of the fineness of the gold that I needed to double up the threads. I’m not sure if this was done in Latvia, though it was of course done frequently in brocaded bands in Birka. There were frequent spots in the gold thread where there was not great coverage of gold over the brown, and I had to cut it off and discard a could inches several times. But it is easy to just join the new gold with your main weft and then bring it to the top as the supplemental weft again.

The temple rings she is using are a simple spiral and were similar in finds dated from the Late Bronze age to Early Roman.

More research is definitely needed here but I wanted to get something down while it was freshly finished. Also more pictures of better quality and pictures of the completed project once Queen Elizabeth of Atenveldt adds her Latvian temple rings.




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