Birka Kaftan Gold Trim

I needed to create some gold brocade for a King's kaftan. I decided on the pattern "Birka 22" because of all the patterns discovered and charted from Birka, it is the only one that was done in both gold and silver, sometimes in the same band together. I wanted each of the ten 5.5" bars... Continue Reading →


Latvian Hlad

I was asked to create a Hlad with Latvian motif. No further details such as time or specific place was given. I used a draft on page 238 from the book.  "Latviešu Jostas" (in English "Latvian Sashes, Belts and Bands") by Aleksandra Dzērvītis and Lilija Treimanis, published in 1982.  I haven't gotten my hands on... Continue Reading →

My little linen frilled veil

  What an adventure. To start with you have to understand a little bit about my life. I work graveyard as a 911 dispatcher. I have sleep issues.... I was going to an event where I could display my frilled silk pieces, but I simply did not have time to sleep AND weave the linen... Continue Reading →

Woven Frills

We've all seen the gorgeous paintings, carvings, and a lot of our friend's in the SCA wearing frilled veils. Mostly these frills are sewn onto the edge of the veils. Christiana de Huntington has posted many blog's about the process and research she has done Family de Huntington. However....some of the more unique ones had woven... Continue Reading →

Monochromatic Monotony

I like color! I like vibrant patterns that really grab you. Occasionally that's not what is needed. And sometimes monochromatic patterning is what's needed. I've done a couple different ones, and had a chance to do another just last night. In the creation of  these tablet woven bands there is only one color, and your... Continue Reading →

Spanish Baldric 14th Century

  I was commissioned to do a Spanish Baldric early on in my weaving career. Based off of a painting in the ceiling of The Hall of Kings in the Palace of Lions, Grenada. We chose the center figure and I wove the diamond motif, leaving spaces for what looks like metallic disks to... Continue Reading →

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