Wicklbandr…fact and reenactment cool!

If you know me, know my art, live in An Tir, or The West, you know that I weave a lot of Wicklbandr. I give them as gifts to friends and royals, and I sell some to help offset the cost of these gifts. There is a balance in there somewhere between historical accuracy (extant... Continue Reading →


Adventures in teaching

This post is about teaching, about passing on what I love to the next generation. I do a lot of teaching tablet weaving, both as classes and one on one. But this is about teaching my niece to weave on a floor loom. Though this one is not relent to my medieval time period, there... Continue Reading →

Note: This documentation was for An Tir Kingdom A&S competition in 2014 and has not been edited. Please excuse any formatting issues. Broken diamond twill, also known as diamond twill or lozenge twill, is a beautiful geometrical woven fabric found in many, areas of Europe in the Middle Ages. I will discuss where it may... Continue Reading →

Norse Apron Dress: 10c Scandanavia

  This documentation was written in 2014 for An Tir A&S Championship, and has not been edited. Please forgive any formatting oddities due to changing programs. And I need to find the bibliography. Over 4000 tortoise shell brooches were recorded by 1985.[1] The brooches were used to fasten apron dresses with straps over the shoulders,... Continue Reading →

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